How Private is Your Audio Meeting?

How Private is Your Audio Meeting?

If you care about the success of your business, you should put the security of your conference calls at the top of your list. Imagine sensitive details leaking from one of your conference calls and getting to the hands of your competitors? It can sabotage your business plan and in some cases even have an impact on your share price.

Let us offer you 5 ‘must have’ security features that will make sure you get secured communication and peace of mind:

Full control over your conference privacy

Make sure that your conference call service gives you full visibility on every call. This means you have control, at any given moment, over every participant who joins your meeting room. From an option to kick out unwanted participants, controlling who can join, dialing out to specific participants, control over privacy settings like who can chat, share files, share screen, and listen to the recording of your meeting.

Data Encryption

Make sure your conference data and recordings are protected by user/password and encrypted over SSL.

Don’t let anybody in

Make sure you can ‘lock‘ the conference after everybody joins. This way you prevent from unauthorized participants to join the call while you are discussing your business strategy.

Secure conference calls Access Codes

Most services give you the possibility to choose either a single use access code or a permanent code for your conference call. The advantage of a single use code is that even if someone knows the code for that meeting, he won’t be able to join any other call of your organization. There are conference call services that provide the option for long access codes, up to 9 digits long, making them nearly impossible to predict. Choose the length of your code according to the sensitivity of your audio meeting.

Be the master of your conference

Some conference service provides the conference call’s host with a different administrative access code which enables special conference control functions, designed to keep the call on the right track, reduce noise, and ensure that participants can speak in turns. If you host a conference, use this code because every meeting needs a leader.

Why choose QCONF audio conferencing for your business conference calls?

As an Israel based company, we understand security. We have made it our business to ensure your secured conference call is only heard by those who you want to hear it, giving you full control and visibility on every call. The most secure. Better than WebEx. Better than GoToMeeting. Stay off the grid.

Want to make sure your audio meeting remains private?
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