Secure Conference Call Service Beyond the Ordinary

Secure Conference Call Service Beyond the Ordinary

We know you are concerned about security and privacy. QCONF brings you the most secure global conference call service available. As an Israel based company, we understand security. We have made it our business to insure your conference call is only heard by those who you want to hear it, giving you full control and visibility on every call. The most secure. Better than WebEx. Better than GoToMeeting. Always.

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Check Out Our Security Features

You need to know that your confidential business calls remain confidential. You want security features that give you full control over access to, and participation in, any call. Our Conferencing service puts the power of the most secure conference call right in your hand.

Keep It Confidential

Get the privacy and security you won’t find anywhere else. Full visibility on every call. At any given moment during your call you can see who is in your online meeting room. You can immediately disconnect any unwanted participants and you can mute any hecklers.

Not Without You

Your call will only start when you are actually on the line, and will be over the second you leave.

Call Encryption

QCONF provides data encryption on every call. All the information of the call and the interface are protected by SSL.

Your Privacy is our Business

With our online meeting features you have total control over what call participants can do or see. Activate or disable chat, file sharing and recording for your guests. You can even decide whether callers can see who was invited or who actually joined the conference.

Call Out

Add participants yourself. Its as easy as dialing out. You can dial anyone and add them to the audio conference, even in the middle of a conference.

Unpredictable Codes

We also provides an option for long access codes to the conference call, up to 9 digits long, making them nearly impossible to predict.
We can also provide single use codes, so even if someone knows the codes usually used by your organization, he won’t be able to join the call.

Lock That Call

You can add or delete participants, even while a call is in progress. You always see the names of every participant as they enter and leave. Our teleconferencing service even provides the option to lock the call mid way through, so no further participants can join.

No One Listening In

When you choose to use QCONF calling system, you are outside your organization’s own phone system. You have taken your call off the grid and you can rest assured that no one is listening in.

Always Reliable

We continue to offer you reliable affordable conference calls with the quality and consistency of a landline call. And now we offer you new features to make your global conference calls as secure as you can find. Stop by today to experience QCONF's international Audio Conferencing service.

QCONF is changing the rules on conference calls!

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