Organize the ultimate online meeting

Organize the ultimate online meeting

We at QCONF are always thinking on ways to improve your audio meeting. Now you can share your screen, documents or presentations during a conference call with high definition quality and with no effort. Just enable “Screen Sharing” in the ‘meeting space’ and send everyone the “Meeting URL‟. Using this quick link, your guests can easily and automatically see your screen on their device, any device.

Most “Screen Sharers” knows the common problem of halted and ‘broken’ conversations. Not with QCONF. We offer HD screen sharing using the network while the audio conferencing takes place over quality land-lines, keeping the two channels not interfering with each other. This way your audio meeting is at its best!.

With local access numbers in more than 60 countries across the globe, one flat low rate per call (in most countries) we continue to offer the most efficient, easy to use solution, for international conference calls, Cheaper than WebEx, GoToMeeting and most conferencing services, up to ten times more expensive in some cases.

Share your screen at your coming online meeting

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Power Tips

  • If it’s your first time, we recommend testing that Screen Sharing is functioning correctly on the host’s PC, Sometimes you will need to install the Java plugin for it to work the first time. We recommend not wasting time on technical issues, when everybody waits during the meeting and test it in advance.
  • More conference calls Tips.

More advantages of using QCONF:

  • The best audio quality available
  • No more audio issues such as poor volume, background noise, static, echo or other distortions.
  • Unlimited conference calling
  • HD screen sharing
  • Smart and Easy ways to invite, remind and chat.
  • The most secured conference calls service.

How to (support documents) organize an online meeting?

1. To learn How to schedule your conference call:
2. To learn how to Share your screen with everybody
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