The Conference Call Service That Spoils You and Your Colleagues

The Conference Call Service That Spoils You and Your Colleagues

With QCONF’s Dial-Out service, your audio conferencing participants can join your online meeting just by answering the phone. Spoil your colleagues as they join the conference call whether they are at their desks, or at the airport, or in the car. It’s perfect for the busy executive on the go. No more wasted time as you wait for everyone to dial in and join the teleconference. You can even set the service to call yourself. You will never miss an online meeting again. Just receive a call at the number you choose, answer and you’re in the meeting, with no code to input and no dial-in number to remember. Sounds impossible? Not with QCONF.

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Worry Free

With dial out there are no mistakes. It’s effortless. The participants on your call don’t have to do anything but answer the phone. And you don’t need to send reminders. We will notify all the conference call’s participants with a text a few minutes before the call starts so everyone comes prepared.

VIP Conferencing Service

Let your investors and Board directors know you value their time, don't make them call and enter codes or wait for everybody to connect. It's only 10 cents per minute!

Easy To Use Dail-Out feature

You can make Dial-Out your default mode of conferencing. Then, when you schedule a conference call, you only need to click the numbers of the people you want to invite and the rest is done for you. Or if you only want to use Dial-Out from time to time, choose it as you Schedule a conference call. Dial-Out feature always remembers the phone numbers you enter, so the next time you create a conference call, you can simply click or tap the number you wish to use.

How to activate as Dial-Out default mode? Just go to “Settings” and under “dial in participants” tick the box, “Use dial out service when available” or select specific countries.

Continue to Enjoy the Confidence of a Secure QCONF Call

Enjoy the ease of the dial out service, and keep the high level of security of a QCONF call. With dial out no one can get into the call who hasn’t been invited. Just lock your conference call in your online meeting room with our “invited guests only” feature. Meanwhile, you can see everyone on the call and even who is talking when, right from your PC or Smartphone. No slip ups, no mistakes. Only the participants you want in a completely controlled environment.

There is No Matching to our Global Reach

With Dial-Out you can bring together your partners from across the globe effortlessly. Dial-Out works in over 70 countries around the world,including China, Brazil, Israel, Turkey, India, Taiwan and most countries in Western Europe and North America.

And Still Enjoy the Best Audio Quality of Any Conference Call Service Anywhere

Don’t miss a word! We promise a reliable call, no matter how many users are on or where in the world they are located. Our conferencing service offers the highest quality audio available, based on quality land lines. Dependable. Every time.

Just Schedule the Call – We Take Care of the Rest

We are always looking for ways to make conference calls stress-free. As always, you simply schedule the calland our conference calls service provides you and your guests with notices and reminders using the right local access number and the right time zones.

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