What’s the biggest problem with video conferencing? The Audio

What’s the biggest problem with video conferencing? The Audio

As more and more companies are doing business across borders, more business meetings are taking place remotely. The ability to conference on an international level is becoming increasingly more important. But what is the sense of scheduling your conference call in the first place if you can’t hear what your partners are saying?

When you need to schedule a conference call, don’t turn to an online video call. Remember, audio quality is the most important element for a successful online meeting. Poor quality audio can result in misunderstandings, lost productivity, and damage to relationships with customers and partners.

Distorted communication means no communication

Video conferencing and screen sharing applications that use internet technologies such as VOIP can't always deliver quality audio. Problems occur such as voice overlap and pauses when one person is not sure if another person is talking or going to start talking. Halted or 'broken' conversations are common. Even with the highest bandwidth and the best connections, we’ve all experienced audio problems such as poor volume, background noise, line static, echo and other distortions.These disrupt the natural flow of a meeting and if you can’t be sure of what’s being said, that’s an unnecessary risk for your business!

Especially when you are trying to connect with many participants in various locations across the globe, you want to get the information exactly right. You need audio quality you can rely on, no matter what time, where, or with whom you are speaking. The goal in any conference call is for the participants to feel almost like they are in an actual meeting room, where they can hear what is being said and can be heard when they speak.

QCONF’s conference calls service offers the highest quality audio conferencing quality available. We promise a reliable conference call, no matter how many users are on or where they are in the world. Dependable. Every time.

Why choose QCONF for you conference calls’ provider

  • A fixed price per call - Whether you invite 3 participants or 30, talk for 20 minutes or 2 hours, you still only pay one flat rate per call lower than your local cup of coffee takeaway.
  • More Global Reach - Our conferencing service is available all over the world, with local access numbers in 60 different countries including Russia, China, Brazil, Israel, Turkey and most countries in Western Europe and North America. India and Taiwan are also available, though per minute charges may apply. And no matter how far away you conference, you don’t have to give up the great audio quality you can get for your audio meeting.
  • The Most Secure - We have made it our business to insure your conference call is only heard by those who you want to hear it, giving you full control and visibility on every call.

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