How to set up a conference call between Liberia and Sweden

Setting up a conference call with participates from Liberia and Sweden can be a headache; you have to find a time that is suitable to the conferencing participants, Consider any time difference, look for local bridge number in Liberia and in Sweden. Send each participate invitation with the relevant information OR you can use QCONF Conferencing, schedule the call and let us take care of the rest.
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  • Schedule your conference call

    Set the date, time and timezone of the conference host
  • Invite participants to the meeting by email, phone number or by name

    • For the invitees located in Liberia, choose Liberia in the country combo box, you can choose one of the timezones: Africa/Monrovia and one of our connection options:
      Call Me service. Dial-Out to teleconferencing participants
    • For the invitees located in Sweden, choose Sweden in the country combo box, you can choose one of the timezones: Europe/Stockholm and one of our connection options:
      Local access number for Conference Calls
      Call Me service. Dial-Out to teleconferencing participants
    • QCONF will calculate everything for you, including the right time in the right timezone, the best dial in number and any other conferencing option it will then send a detailed invitation designed for each participant's location and needs.
    • If you'll provide mobile numbers in Liberia or in Sweden we will happily and with no additional cost send a reminder by SMS a few minutes before the call with a direct link to the conference.
  • Get unique conference access codes for conferencing between Liberia and Sweden

    You also get unique online meeting room link you can share on Whatsapp or send by email, chat or sms.
  • Easy conference calling

    At set time, participants in Liberia and Sweden dial their local access number press the code (or just say it) and start conferencing, you can login to your account for an online meeting and conference control, you can see the participants from Liberia and from Sweden
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Tip: set the conference agenda and list of topics of discussion and update all participants beforehand. That way, everyone can join the meeting prepared and you'll get the most of the online conference call.

Things you should know about Liberia and Sweden:
  • Current time at Monrovia, Liberia is 11:17 PM while current time at Stockholm, Sweden is 1:17 AM
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Liberia Liberia call prefix +231
Timezone Africa/Monrovia GMT
Country code LR
Currency LRD
Capital city Monrovia
Continent Africa
Area sqkm 111,370
Population 3,685,076
Sweden Sweden call prefix +46
Timezone Europe/Stockholm GMT+1
Country code SE
Currency SEK
Capital city Stockholm
Continent Europe
Area sqkm 449,964
Population 9,828,655

You can use QCONF for Whatsapp conference call