How to improve Skype conference call?

How to improve Skype conference call?

Are you suffering from poor audio quality in you skype business calls?

Maybe you feel as though you have to compromise on the number of participants in your conferences, just so everyone can understand each other.
Let’s face it, there's nothing worse than terrible audio quality in a crucial conference call.

Skype is there to help bridge the gaps in your communication strategy. It shouldn't be placing more restrictions on you because of sub-par audio.
If you've made sure you have the latest version of Skype installed, you're certain that your internet connection is flawless, and you know you're not overstepping your bandwidth limits, but you're still not getting a great experience - something must be wrong.

It's Time to Make a Change…

Most people think that it is impossible to find a one-size-fits-all solution to their Skype conferencing issues - but that isn't the case.
There's finally a solution for the ultimate conferencing experience, and it comes to you straight from QCONF.

QCONF improves Skype conference in many ways, from giving you real-time control over the call, to providing high-quality audio no matter how many people join your meeting.
QCONF gives every meeting participant dedicated one2one connections with the innovative and state-of-the-art QCONF Voice Server.

Our exclusive server ensures that everyone in your call gets the audio quality they need - without compromise.

Got a global workforce? No problem.

We know that the business world is growing, that's why we're fully-equipped to handle international calls.

QCONF also provides worldwide dial-in numbers. Participants can join the call from Skype, mobile or landline phone while enjoying the best audio quality.

QCONF is here to deliver the best conference call service around, with features like:

  • Quality guaranteed: High quality audio conferencing regardless of how many users are online, or where they're located.
  • Real-time call control: Real-time control over your calls, including options to mute speakers, invite or remove participants, and more.
  • Easy recording: Record and share the recordings of your online meeting as a web download or on a cloud drive, at no additional cost - perfect for compliance purposes and training.
  • Simple reminder alerts: SMS & emails reminders are sent a few minutes before the call, at no additional cost
  • Complete flexibility: Toll-free 1-800 numbers and dial out VIP services
  • Transparent pricing: A fixed price per call with No variable costs for additional minutes & participants

Here’s the deal:

  1. Search Skype for “QConf Conferencing” and add as a contact
  2. Go to your QCONF account
  3. Enable Skype on Every call
  4. Schedule your conference and invite participants
  5. Join the call using Skype or by local access number in most countries

And with these 5 simple steps — you’re set.

Want to know the best part?

You don't have to pay a penny to get started. We're offering a free trial to ALL new QCONF users.

Sign up and get 5 free conference calls from us today.

Let's get started!
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