Planning a conference call? Just don’t do it on ZOOM

Planning a conference call? Just don’t do it on ZOOM

Video Conferencing, or video based meetings became an integral part of the day-to-day of many companies and businesses, but they are often accompanied by a waste of valuable time and often do not achieve effective results. It seems that the solution lies in audio conferencing, which has been with us for years and is now considered the hot thing in the technology market.
Conference calls are an integral part of the day-to-day work of companies and businesses from all fields. The digital calendar of many of us is filled every week with invites for conference calls, many of which are done on video, a sort of side effect of the COVID19 period and the rise of the zoom platform. But is the effectiveness of the conversation affected by the video format, which simulates 'face to face'? Or can audio conference calls over the phone achieve similar and even better results?
The truth is that the environment in which many of us conduct our zoom calls is not always ideal for business meetings. Involuntary noises, clutter on the table and a pet that requires attention are just technical distractions. There is also the personal barrier, quite a few people actually have difficulty conducting video conferencing out of an inability to concentrate and focus on thoughts that are not necessarily related to work or the purpose for which they came together, such as what they look like in relation to the other participants.
In the end, the central and perhaps most important element in a conversation is the sound quality, which is not always satisfactory and even causes quite a few delays, misunderstandings and glitches later on. Services like Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp lower the quality of the sound and image to ensure that the video quality is satisfactory - something that further obscures the ability to concentrate and tires the participants. The quality is also defined by the participant who has the least good connection to the network - which greatly affects the other people in the conference call.
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New and accessible solutions

In order to be able to conduct effective and productive work meetings, it is worthwhile to go for sure. Business conference calls that take place without video and include quality sound can yield amazing results. The combination of relaxed employees, lack of distractions and focus on voice alone greatly influences fluent speech, effective brainstorming and eye-level speech without feelings of inferiority.
But in order to provide an effective solution that will truly provide a high level of sound quality and enable smooth dialogue management, advanced solutions are needed. One of the services developed just for this purpose is QCONF audio conferencing, which was developed in 2015 and is an advanced, convenient and simple platform for managing conference calls over the phone. This is an easy-to-use system that is offered at a relatively affordable price in this area.
In the early years, QCONF was successful with more and more regular customers. It is considered a particularly useful tool in high-tech companies and among service providers such as accountants, technology companies, lawyers and others. According to service developers, this rash continued at a rapid pace until the COVID19 arrived. At first there was a huge demand from new clients, as many were looking for ways to have multi-participant conversations when it was impossible to get to the office. But the demand for the service has declined due to the popularity of the zoom.
However, today a new trend is emerging. People began to realize that there is such a big difference between Zoom meetings, Google’s meet platform or Microsoft’s teams and the good old audio based conference calls. The phenomenon of podcasts, which has gained momentum in recent years, may have a hand in this, as it has changed the audience's preferences for content consumed by voice, without image or video. More and more people are returning to voice calls with the understanding that they are more comfortable, allow for maneuvering space and can be performed while performing other activities such as driving and walking, all without committing to a particular location or class performance.

Do not settle for the familiar feature

The service of telephone conferencing is nothing new, and you can find a number of companies engaged in the field. There are services that are based on the simple principle of a "conference bridge", where you call a certain number, enter a code and connect to the call. However the team that developed QCONF made sure to do it in a more sophisticated way and add more features but the foundation was maintained.
They have built a service that allows you to have a conference call with the addition of useful features. For example, you can see at any moment who is in the call, disconnect participants, silence participants, send reminders by SMS, secure lock the call when all the guests are connected and also share a screen - just like with tools that allow online video calls. The important difference is that this service can be connected from any landline or mobile phone - and from anywhere in the world. The voice is transmitted over land lines and not just internet infrastructure. The sound quality is affected by this, which is evident in the conversation.
These benefits have led many business people working with overseas clients to use this service, as it also includes local access numbers that allow people to call them and join a call without paying for an international call. Located abroad without a local SIM but with a network connection, he can choose to conduct the call via the Internet. You can choose a monthly package for 3 USD per call including everything, or pay a maximum 7 USD for a one-time call. In addition, you can register on the site and receive the first five conference calls for free and without obligation. So you can experience whether the service is suitable for your needs.
QCONF's clients include a number of prominent organizations, including the national Electric Corporation, the Ministry of the Interior, some of the largest accounting firms in the country, venture capital funds, banks and more. The company served the Ministry of Defense, but not in the QCONF product, the knowledge accumulated especially in the field of telephony flows in its DNA and the service it offers.
Board Conferencing for Board Meetings - As part of the company's ongoing thinking on improving service, they have developed a feature that can help busy people who have difficulty joining the call on time. It is possible to set the system to call directly ( Dialout feature ), instead of connecting to the conference call independently, so that even the chronic latecomers will not delay the other participants.
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