Why you should (not) use GoToMeeting for your conference calls?

Why you should (not) use GoToMeeting for your conference calls?

Conference calls are one of the best ways to collaborate internationally, for many businesses it has become an essential tool. Use it for brain storming, preparation for a presentation, a quarterly earning call or a daily routine call with your team members. If you search for “Conference call service” you will probably find GoToMeeting high up in your search results.
Here are some few important points to consider before using GoToMeeting:

Conferencing Security – Are you willing to take the chance?

When you open an account at GoToMeeting, you get a personalized meeting link for your future meetings. You can change the link you get but in case you didn’t (and we all know that most users don’t change the link) take into consideration that this URL is easy to guess. If someone has your link or luckily guessed it right, your audio conference is exposed and is no longer confident.

At QCONF every time you schedule a conference call you get a unique one-time meeting link. You can also be provided with long access codes, up to 9 digits long, making them nearly impossible to predict. Use QCONF to get the most secure global conference call service available.

Conferencing Pricing– Are you willing to pay the price?

GoToMeeting supplies local access numbers in 18 countries across the globe. Need a solution for a different country? You can either use one of the long distance numbers or use a toll free option in 40 countries around the world. No matter what you choose, you pay much more than you’d pay with QCONF, up to ten times more expensive in some cases!

For No Bill Shock conference calling, check out QCONF fixed price per call plans

Video Feature – Are you willing to comprise on the quality of the audio?

If your answer is because it has video, take into consideration that you may get video possibilities but at the same time you are paying with your audio quality. Video conferencing and screen sharing applications use internet technologies such as VOIP to deliver conferences over the internet. Even with the highest bandwidth and the best connections, audio problems such as poor volume, background noise and other distortions occur. These problems become even harder when you are trying to connect with many participants in various locations across the globes.

QCONF Conferencing

With local access numbers in over 60 countries worldwide, unlimited conference call minutes, fixed price per call lower than your average cup of coffee takeaway and the best audio conferencing available we highly recommend you to treat yourself better and use QCONF for your conference calls.

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