How to Use WhatsApp for your conference calls?

How to Use WhatsApp for your conference calls?

We love WhatsApp and use it all the time for both personal and business purpose. We also must admit that ever since WhatsApp includes a feature that lets you search and send GIF we are giggling with joy whenever we have a chance to send one.

For our conference calls, we use a designated service that ensures best value for our money and an answer to our needs. We use QCONF !

Why choose QCONF for your conference call service?

  • A fixed price per call - Whether you invite 3 participants or 30, talk for 20 minutes or 2 hours, you still only pay one flat rate per call lower than your local cup of coffee takeaway.
  • More Global Reach - Our conferencing service is available all over the world , with local access numbers in more than 60 different countries including Russia, China, Brazil, Israel, Turkey and most countries in Western Europe and North America. India and Taiwan are also available, though per minute charges may apply.
  • The Most Secure - As an Israel-based company, we understand security. We have made it our business to insure your conference call is only heard by those who you want to hear it, giving you full control and visibility on every call.

Why not enjoy the best of both worlds?

Imagine you can initiate a conference call with QCONF and all your contacts in WhatsApp can jump on by way of hyperlink!

Now, how do you do that? Easy, 3 steps.

1. Schedule a conference call with QCONF from the web, mobile or calendar

2. Click “Copy Meeting URL” in the meeting space, a Hyperlink will be copied into your clip board

3. Paste the “Meeting URL” in your WhatsApp application.

And.. That's it. Now Anyone with this link can join the conference quickly and easily.

    For better conference calling experience, Start conferencing with QCONF and get 5 free conference calls from us! (no credit card required)
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