7 Tools for Digital Nomads

7 Tools for Digital Nomads

An increasing number of people around the world are realizing that the division between work and travel doesn’t need to be absolute. They realize that if they can take their laptop and work from a coffee shop near them, then they can also pack the same laptop, throw some clothes in a bag, and do the exact same thing from Berlin, Paris or New York.

As long as you have an internet connection and can communicate with the office, you can even work from a beach on Kopengan. In this way you, too, can become a digital nomad, and break your routine in a really cool way.

If you’re the sort of person who can work from anywhere as long as there’s a desk and strong internet connection, we have some tools that will make your work that much more efficient when travelling.

Setting Off

Adioso : The first thing you need to do, naturally, is to book a cheap flight. Most of us are already familiar with Google Flights, the astonishingly efficient tool that searches for cheap flights. But only a few knew Adioso, which allows people to search for destinations with flexibility, and without having to enter a specific flight date. Using Adioso, you can find the cheapest flight to anywhere, on any date.

Instapaper : All the tabs that are now open on your browser and you mean to read one day, all the links you’ve saved on Facebook but never really got to click, all the articles someone emailed you but you’ve never reached – all these can be saved by using Instapaper. It’s a simple, unassuming app (for all devices) that lets you save and manage everything you find online. It’s super friendly, and totally devoid of graphic nonsense.

Workfrom : A crucial task, when you get to a new city, is finding a place to work in – and fast. It’s not always easy, since not every coffee shop likes people who sit for hours on end on just one cup of coffee. Enter Workfrom, which harnesses other nomads’ finds to locate the nearest coffee shop with WiFi and power.

Goodbudget : If you want to become a digital nomad for more than a month, you better be on top of your budget. Goodbudget is a software which creates a virtual envelope in which to enter all your expenses (flights, accommodations, coffee shops, food, etc.), and then easily track them so you’re never over-budget.

Getting to Work

Todoist: Order is key when trying to make your work day more efficient. You need to know what your tasks and projects are so you can get to drinking that local beer sometime today. Todoist is a simple and highly effective online task management app and to do list which lets you puts your house in order without too much fuss.

Buckets : if you need to share your task list with others or jointly manage it in big projects, I recommend using Buckets. It’s a minimalist app which lets you track daily and weekly tasks – for you and for your colleagues.

QCONF : If fast, easy communication is a must-have in your job, try QCONF Conferencing. You can always use WhatsApp and Skype for international calls but we all know that these two can suffer from either low quality or frequent interruptions and currently WhatsApp doesn't support group calls. Enter QCONF, which enables you to have international conference calls with people in more than 70 countries and enjoy high quality audio conferencing, rich-feature online meeting tools, high level of security and simple to use user interface.

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Good luck, and enjoy the world!
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