Q2 2020 US Foods Holding Corp Earnings Call

4/8/2020 11:00

Conference Call US Foods Holding Corp

US Foods Holding Corp Conference call or earnings call will be held on Aug 4, 2020 via an 800 number (toll-free). During the earnings conference call's session US Foods Holding Corp will provide updated information and financial status.
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General economic trends and conditions, including demographic changes, inflation, deflation, consumer confidence and disposable income, coupled with changing tastes and preferences, influence the amount that consumers spend on food-away-from-home, which can affect our customers and in turn our sales. Additionally, given that a large portion of our business is based on markups over cost, sudden inflation or prolonged deflation can negatively impact our sales and gross margin. Despite these economic conditions, and the period of uncertainty related to the Acquisition noted above, our sales and case volume have remained strong, with increasing growth to our independently owned single and multi-unit restaurant customers.    
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US Foods Holding Corp (USFD)

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