Proteostasis Therapeutics Inc Corporate Update Call

25/3/2019 8:00

Conference Call Proteostasis Therapeutics Inc

Proteostasis Therapeutics Inc Conference call or earnings call will be held on Mar 25, 2019
During the earnings conference call’s session, Proteostasis Therapeutics Inc will provide updated information and financial performance report status.
In order to join the earning call, dial the conference’s bridge and key in the PIN code. Contact Proteostasis Therapeutics Inc for this information
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We are an innovative biopharmaceutical company committed to the discovery and development of novel therapeutics that treat diseases caused by an imbalance in the proteostasis network, a set of pathways that control protein biosynthesis, folding, trafficking and clearance. Leveraging our unique and comprehensive expertise of the proteostasis network, we have developed the Disease Relevant Translation, or DRT, technology platform, a validated drug screening approach for identifying highly translatable therapeutics based on predictive and functionally pertinent phenotypic assays and disease relevant models. Using this proprietary platform, we identified a new class of small molecules, which we call amplifiers, that modulate proteins in the proteostasis network. Our initial therapeutic focus is cystic fibrosis, or CF, which is caused by defects in the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator, or CFTR, protein and insufficient CFTR protein function.    
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