Q1 2018 Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc Earnings Call

8/5/2018 8:30

Conference Call Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc Conference call or earnings call will be held on May 8, 2018 via an 800 number (toll-free). During the earnings conference call's session Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc will provide updated information and financial status.
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In order to join the audio conferencing dial conference bridge and key in the PIN code, Contact Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc for this information
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We are a biopharmaceutical company discovering, developing and commercializing innovative medicines consisting of novel therapeutics paired with diagnostics for the treatment of cancer. We were founded by a team of scientists from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University who sought to develop a systems biology-based approach to biomedical research. The core of our approach to systems biology is to apply multidisciplinary and multitechnology capabilities to build functional and predictive computational models of biological systems, such as cell signaling networks, that allow us to engineer treatments that are directed at the mechanisms of disease. We view cancer as a complex engineering challenge. Through systems biology, which brings together the fields of biology, computing and engineering, we aim to decrease uncertainty in drug development and clinical validation, and move discovery efforts beyond trial and error.    
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Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc (MACK)

One Kendall Square, Building 700, Cambridge Massachusetts 02139, United States