Q2 2020 LeMaitre Vascular Inc Earnings Call

23/7/2020 17:00

Conference Call LeMaitre Vascular Inc

LeMaitre Vascular Inc Conference call or earnings call will be held on Jul 23, 2020
During the earnings conference call’s session, LeMaitre Vascular Inc will provide updated information and financial performance report status.
In order to join the earning call, dial the conference’s bridge and key in the PIN code. Contact LeMaitre Vascular Inc for this information
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LeMaitre Vascular is a global provider of medical devices for the treatment of peripheral vascular disease. We develop, manufacture, and market vascular devices to address the needs of vascular surgeons. Our diversified portfolio of peripheral vascular devices consists of brand name products that are used in arteries and veins outside of the heart and are well known to vascular surgeons, and includes the Expandable LeMaitre Valvulotome, the XenoSure biologic patch, the Pruitt F3 Carotid Shunt and VascuTape Radiopaque Tape. Our principal product offerings are sold throughout the world, primarily in the United States, Europe and, to a lesser extent, Asia and the Pacific Rim. We estimate that the annual worldwide market which our core product lines address is approximately $750 million.    
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LeMaitre Vascular Inc (LMAT)

63 Second Avenue, Burlington Massachusetts 01803, United States