Q3 2017 Juno Therapeutics Inc Earnings Call

1/11/2017 16:30

Conference Call Juno Therapeutics Inc

Juno Therapeutics Inc Conference call will be held on Nov 1, 2017. During the earnings conference call's session Juno Therapeutics Inc will provide updated information and financial status.
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We are building a fully-integrated biopharmaceutical company focused on re-engaging the body's immune system to revolutionize the treatment of cancer. Founded on the vision that the use of human cells as therapeutic entities will drive one of the next important phases in medicine, we are developing cell-based cancer immunotherapies based on our CAR and high-affinity TCR technologies to genetically engineer T cells to recognize and kill cancer cells. We have shown compelling clinical responses in clinical trials using multiple cell-based product candidates to address refractory B cell lymphomas and leukemias, and we also have a number of ongoing trials exploring our platform in solid-organ cancers and in combination with various strategies to overcome the immune-suppressive effects of cancer.    
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Juno Therapeutics Inc (JUNO)

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