Q3 2018 Jones Energy Inc Earnings Call

1/11/2018 10:30

Conference Call Jones Energy Inc

Jones Energy Inc Conference call will be held on Nov 1, 2018. During the earnings conference call's session Jones Energy Inc will provide updated information and financial status.
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Jones Energy, Inc. was incorporated pursuant to the laws of the State of Delaware in March 2013 to become a holding company for an investment in Jones Energy Holdings, LLC ("JEH"). As the sole managing member of JEH, Jones Energy, Inc. is responsible for all operational, management and administrative decisions relating to JEH's business and consolidates the financial results of JEH and its subsidiaries. Jones Energy, Inc.'s certificate of incorporation authorizes two classes of common stock, Class A common stock and Class B common stock. The Class B common stock is held by the pre-IPO owners of JEH and can be exchanged (together with a corresponding number of JEH Units) for shares of Class A common stock on a one-for-one basis, subject to customary conversion rate adjustments for stock splits, stock dividends and reclassifications and other similar transactions.    
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Jones Energy Inc (JONE)

807 Las Cimas Parkway, Austin Texas 78746, United States