Q2 2020 Editas Medicine Inc Earnings Call

6/8/2020 17:00

Conference Call Editas Medicine Inc

Editas Medicine Inc Conference call or earnings call will be held on Aug 6, 2020 via an 800 number (toll-free). During the earnings conference call's session Editas Medicine Inc will provide updated information and financial status.
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In order to join the audio conferencing dial conference bridge and key in the PIN code, Contact Editas Medicine Inc for this information
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We are a leading genome editing company dedicated to treating patients with genetically defined diseases by correcting their disease­causing genes. We believe that we have entered a new era of genomic medicine as the growth of genomic information in recent decades has significantly expanded the understanding of genetically defined diseases. A new technology known as CRISPR (clustered, regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats)/Cas9 (CRISPR associated protein 9) has the potential to achieve precise, directed changes in DNA. The confluence of these two streams of scientific endeavor, understanding genetic defects and having the tools to be able to address them, creates the opportunity for us to achieve a longstanding goal of medicine: to treat the root causes of diseases at the genetic level. Our mission is to translate the promise of our science into a broad class of transformative genomic medicines to benefit the greatest number of patients.    
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Editas Medicine Inc (EDIT)

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