Q2 2020 Cumulus Media Inc Earnings Call

10/8/2020 8:30

Conference Call Cumulus Media Inc

Cumulus Media Inc Conference call will be held on Aug 10, 2020. During the earnings conference call's session Cumulus Media Inc will provide updated information and financial status.
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In this annual report on Form 10-K (this "Form 10-K" or this "Report") the terms "Company," "Cumulus," "we," "us," and "our" refer to Cumulus Media Inc. and its consolidated subsidiaries. We use the term "local marketing agreement" ("LMA") in this Report. In a typical LMA, the licensee of a radio station makes available, for a fee and reimbursement of its expenses, airtime on its station to a party which supplies programming to be broadcast during that airtime, and collects revenues from advertising aired during such programming. In addition to entering into LMAs, we from time to time enter into management or consulting agreements that provide us with the ability, as contractually specified, to assist current owners in the management of radio station assets, subject to Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") approval. In such arrangements, we generally receive a contractually specified management fee or consulting fee in exchange for the services provided.    
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Cumulus Media Inc (CMLS)

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