Q1 2020 Chemed Corp Earnings Call

29/4/2020 10:00

Conference Call Chemed Corp

Chemed Corp Conference call will be held on Apr 29, 2020. During the earnings conference call's session Chemed Corp will provide updated information and financial status.
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Chemed Corporation (the Company or Chemed) was incorporated in Delaware in 1970 as a subsidiary of W.R. Grace & Co. and succeeded to the business of W.R. Grace & Co.'s Special Products Group as of April 30, 1971 and remained a subsidiary of W.R. Grace & Co. until March 10, 1982. Chemed purchases, operates and divests subsidiaries engaged in diverse business activities for the purposes of maximizing shareholder value. The Company's day to day operating businesses are managed on a decentralized basis. There are few integrated business functions between the operating units and Chemed (such as sales, marketing or purchasing). Chemed's corporate office management participates in and is ultimately responsible for long term strategic planning, significant capital allocation decisions, investment activities, financial reporting, tax, legal and the selection of the key executives of each of the operating businesses.    
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Chemed Corp (CHE)

255 East 5th Street, Cincinnati Ohio 45202, United States