Q3 2018 Buckeye Partners LP Earnings Call

2/11/2018 8:00

Conference Call Buckeye Partners LP

Buckeye Partners LP Conference call will be held on Nov 2, 2018. During the earnings conference call's session Buckeye Partners LP will provide updated information and financial status.
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In order to join the audio conferencing dial conference bridge and key in the PIN code, Contact Buckeye Partners LP for this information
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The original Buckeye Pipe Line Company was founded in 1886 as part of the Standard Oil Company ("Standard Oil") and became a publicly owned, independent company after the dissolution of Standard Oil in 1911. Expansion into petroleum products transportation after World War II and subsequent acquisitions thereafter ultimately led to Buckeye Pipe Line Company becoming a leading independent common carrier pipeline. In 1964, Buckeye Pipe Line Company was acquired by a subsidiary of the Pennsylvania Railroad, which later became the Penn Central Corporation. In 1986, Buckeye Pipe Line Company was reorganized into a master limited partnership ("MLP"), Buckeye Partners, L.P. We are a publicly traded Delaware master limited partnership, and our limited partnership units representing limited partner interests ("LP Units") are listed on the New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE") under the ticker symbol "BPL." Buckeye GP LLC ("Buckeye GP") is our general partner.    
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Buckeye Partners LP (BPL)

One Greenway Plaza, Houston Texas 77046, United States