Q1 2017 American DG Energy Inc Earnings Call

11/5/2017 13:00

Conference Call American DG Energy Inc

American DG Energy Inc Conference call or earnings call will be held on May 11, 2017 via an 800 number (toll-free). During the earnings conference call's session American DG Energy Inc will provide updated information and financial status.
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In order to join the audio conferencing dial conference bridge and key in the PIN code, Contact American DG Energy Inc for this information
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American DG Energy Inc., or the Company, we, our, or us, distributes, owns and operates clean, on-site energy systems that produce electricity, hot water, heat, and cooling. Our business model is to own the equipment that we install at customers' facilities and to sell the energy produced by these systems to customers on a long-term contractual basis. We call this business the "On-Site Utility". We offer natural gas powered cogeneration systems that are reliable and energy efficient. Our cogeneration systems produce electricity from an internal combustion engine driving a generator, while the heat from the engine and exhaust is recovered and typically used to produce heat and hot water for use on-site. We also distribute and operate water chiller systems for building cooling applications that operate in a similar manner, except the engines in the water chiller systems drive a large air-conditioning compressor while recovering heat for hot water.    
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American DG Energy Inc (ADGE)

45 First Avenue, Waltham Massachusetts 02451, United States